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building a personal greenhouse

It has always been a dream of mine to have a greenhouse that I could use to grow my own produce during the winter. I love garden fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, cantaloupes and a variety of other produce and it made me sad when I had to quit gardening for the season. I decided that it was time for me to invest in having a greenhouse built in my backyard so that I could continue to grow throughout the entire year. Learn all about the selection of the glass and how it needs to be cared for right here on my blog.


building a personal greenhouse

How To Improve Driving Visibility

Lee Moerman

Many accidents are caused each year by motorists not being able to see the road clearly. Often, there is a problem with their windshields, side mirrors, or headlights. You can improve your road vision and help keep yourself safe by making a few easy adjustments or repairs to your car.

Side Mirrors

At some point in your driving history, you probably started to change lanes only to hear a frantic honking right beside your vehicle. You checked your mirrors, but the other car was in your blind spot. These dangerous voids can be corrected if you adjust your side mirrors appropriately. On the driver's side, align your head with the side window and move the mirror so that you can see the side of your car along with a view of the other lane. Then do the same with the other mirror while placing your head in the center of your vehicle. This adjustment eliminates your blind spots and greatly increases your safety. 


High-intensity discharge headlights increase your night vision and make driving safer for you. However, drivers without these headlights complain that oncoming cars with HIDs can blind them as well as cause them eye discomfort. If you have HID headlights, you need to make sure they are checked and adjusted frequently to prevent these problems. Some newer, higher-end vehicles come with "adaptive headlamps" that adjust themselves to different lighting conditions, a feature that could solve night-vision problems for many drivers.


Keeping your windshield in good order is essential to having a proper view of the road. Too often, motorists continue to drive with cracks or chips in the windshield, which can certainly decrease their vision. If you get a chip or a crack, call a local glass repair company like Econo Glass Company and have them fix it immediately. Many small chips or cracks can be repaired by injecting an epoxy or other substance into the broken area. If you ignore these small places, they will likely expand due to temperature changes or dirt getting into the open spaces. You can be driving along and have a huge crack open up across your windshield, placing you in serious danger of a crash.

Clear vision is an  absolute necessity for safe driving. You can improve your line of vision by adjusting your side mirrors, getting quality headlights, and maintaining your windshield. Taking these simple steps can help you stay safe no matter the time of day or driving conditions.