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building a personal greenhouse

It has always been a dream of mine to have a greenhouse that I could use to grow my own produce during the winter. I love garden fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, cantaloupes and a variety of other produce and it made me sad when I had to quit gardening for the season. I decided that it was time for me to invest in having a greenhouse built in my backyard so that I could continue to grow throughout the entire year. Learn all about the selection of the glass and how it needs to be cared for right here on my blog.


building a personal greenhouse

Educating Your Teen On Auto Maintenance

Lee Moerman

When you are teaching your teenager how to drive, you also want to make sure they have a clear understanding of the things they should be doing to properly maintain their car. This is going to help them to avoid a lot of types of repairs by helping them to keep their vehicle in good working order for as long as possible. When you are teaching your teenager about proper car maintenance, make sure you cover the things detailed in this article.

Checking the fluids

Your teen will need to understand the importance of checking all the fluids, and know how to do it properly. Make sure you show them to wipe off the dip sticks first, then reinsert them to see the true fluid levels. Teach them about the right fluids to check and what fluids to put in. Make sure you educate them on which type of motor oil is the best one to use for the weather in your area; thinner oil where it's cold and thicker where it's hot.

Check the battery

The battery needs to have clean posts and water in the cells (for certain models). Teach your child to remove corrosion on the posts by mixing together a couple tablespoons of baking soda with a large cup of water and pouring it on the posts. If necessary, the posts can be scrubbed with a nylon brush as well. The cell covers can be popped off with a screwdriver and distilled water can be put into the cells if they are low on water. Put the covers back on and secure them in place. If possible, have your teen do these things themselves, so they have first-hand knowledge of how to do them.

Check the brakes

It's a good idea to show your teen how the brakes feel in both newer and older model cars if you have some of each available to you. This will show them that there is still a consistency to the way the brakes perform, no matter what car they are driving. Now, explain to them that feeling grinding or an up and down motion of the brake pedal can mean a problem with either the brakes or the rotors. Also, let them know they should never hear squeaks or grinding noises coming from them.

Check the windshield

Explain to your teenager that even the smallest of chips or cracks in the windshield can pose a risk to the entire windshield. In order to prevent safety issues, they should take their car in if they notice any new damages to their windshield to have an automotive glass professional inspect it to make sure the windshield itself is still sound.

By educating your new driver on how to take care of a car, you can help them prevent themselves from slowly destroying their first car, and even help them prevent problems that can become safety issues.