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building a personal greenhouse

It has always been a dream of mine to have a greenhouse that I could use to grow my own produce during the winter. I love garden fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, cantaloupes and a variety of other produce and it made me sad when I had to quit gardening for the season. I decided that it was time for me to invest in having a greenhouse built in my backyard so that I could continue to grow throughout the entire year. Learn all about the selection of the glass and how it needs to be cared for right here on my blog.


building a personal greenhouse

Four Ways To Protect Your Store From The Stormy Weather

Lee Moerman

If you own a store in an area where the weather can really get vicious, then you need to take action and make sure that you have safeguarded your property. The damage to your store can end up costing you more than just the price it will be to repair the damage; it can cost you untold amounts in lost business. For every day that you stay shut in order to clean up damage or fix something that is broken, you are losing out on potential business. Therefore, it's important that you stay open as long as you possibly can. Here are a few ways to ensure that you do.

Storm Drain In Your Parking Lot

You should install a storm drain in your parking lot. This will help to prevent any flooding in the area. A flooded parking lot won't just turn off customers from entering your store, it can even hurt your foundation. If the water is so heavy that it floods your store, and seeps down into the foundation area, then you are at risk for serious structural damage over the long run. So, when frequent rains end up flooding the parking lot, take the time to install a storm drain that will deal with the heavy water flow and keep it away from your parking lot and foundation.

Slip Resistant Stairs

Another thing to consider are slip resistant stairs. When it's very rainy out, or there is lots of snow, you have to be aware of how to deal with that when it comes to customers entering and exiting your establishment. It is a huge liability to allow people to rush in and out of your store on slippery steps, they can fall, and you will end up getting sued. The proper thing to do is to have slip resistant stairs installed.

Bolt Down Interior Shelving

It is also important to think about the interior of your store, especially if you live in areas prone to hurricanes or earthquakes. One area of concern is the shelving. If the winds from a hurricane are strong enough and burst through your regular plate glass windows,or burst through the door, you will want the shelves to be secured. The last thing you want to deal with is a store full of toppled shelving. Not only will the contents of the shelving all be destroyed, and your store end up in a mess, but you will also put your customers at risk.

Hurricane Proof Windows

Finally, it's imperative that you replace your regular plate glass windows with hurricane windows, like the ones sold by A Christian Glass & Mirror. These will be the first line of defense against the high velocity winds that can damage and wreck havoc to your store. These windows can be installed by a professional service that deals with high impact window installation. Consider these windows an investment as they will safeguard not only your property, but also you and your customers should you be in the store during a hurricane. Regular plate glass is incredibly dangerous when it shatters, so you want to make sure you have it replaced with hurricane proof windows.