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What Type Of Glass Should You Use For Your Glass Shower Door?

Lee Moerman

Choosing the right shower door can greatly improve the aesthetics of your bathroom. Having the right look in the bathroom has become a very big deal for many Americans. A lot of people want to enjoy the feeling of luxury when they use their bathrooms, and aesthetics are a very big part of this. 

A glass door for the shower is not an unusual choice these days. However, you can easily become spoilt for choice, thanks to the number of available options. Which type of glass will be the best for your shower door?

Tempered Glass

Safety is a very important feature when you're choosing glass shower doors. Unfortunately, annealed glass, one of the most common types of glass you'll come across, isn't the safest. When annealed glass breaks, it creates sharp shards that can cause very serious injuries. This is not the type of glass you want to have in a wet area where the risk of slipping is always constant.

This is why tempered glass is a popular option for shower doors. This type of glass breaks into small chunks that aren't very sharp.

Laminated Glass

You can have an even safer glass shower door by choosing laminated glass. Laminated glass consists of two glass sheets glued to a layer of clear vinyl between them. The laminated glass looks like normal glass, but if it breaks, the broken pieces are held in place by the vinyl layer. This is the same type of glass that's used for auto windscreens.

Clear Glass

Clear glass is still a popular choice for shower doors. Clear glass opens up the entire room, making the shower feel bigger and helping the bathroom to feel like one continuous space. Clear glass is a great choice for homeowners who want their shower in the middle of the bathroom rather than one of the edges.

Tinted Glass

The one downside of clear glass is that it offers no privacy. This may not be an issue for some people. However, others may prefer to be a little less exposed when using the shower. Tinted glass is one of the available choices that provide more privacy.

Other Privacy Glass Options

Apart from tinted glass, you can also choose from a variety of other glass options that provide different levels of privacy, including the following:

  • Patterned glass

  • Cast glass

  • Frosted glass

These glass options are mostly translucent but can also be very aesthetically appealing.

For more information on your shower door options, contact a company like Master Glass & Mirror LLC.