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building a personal greenhouse

It has always been a dream of mine to have a greenhouse that I could use to grow my own produce during the winter. I love garden fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, cantaloupes and a variety of other produce and it made me sad when I had to quit gardening for the season. I decided that it was time for me to invest in having a greenhouse built in my backyard so that I could continue to grow throughout the entire year. Learn all about the selection of the glass and how it needs to be cared for right here on my blog.


building a personal greenhouse

  • Deal With Your Windshield Chip Promptly For These Reasons

    12 February 2016

    It's easy to simply ignore the chip that you've recently noticed on your windshield, especially if the chip appears minor. Your busy schedule, you might reason, means that it's difficult to find time to visit an auto shop to have the chip repaired. However, even if your spare time is limited, it's vitally important that you make an opportunity to have an auto glass expert look at the damage. Having the problem fixed is about more than just improving the look of your windshield.

  • Important Safety Gear To Wear When Removing Broken Glass From Your Window

    18 January 2016

    If your window has been broken, you are going to need to have it repaired as soon as possible. Until you are able to call a glass replacement company, however, you may want to cover up the area with a piece of plywood for safety and security reasons. First, you will need to remove the broken glass, which can be quite dangerous if you aren't careful. It really is best to leave this dangerous job up to a professional, but if you want to remove the broken glass from your window pane, make sure that you wear the right safety gear to help protect yourself.

  • Three Reasons To Replace Or Repair Your Windshield

    16 January 2016

    It may be time to replace your car's windshield, even if you don't see signs of major damage. Safety is always the main concern, but how do you know when your windshield may no longer be safe? The following guide can help you know when it's time to get it replaced. Cracks and Obvious Damage A chip or crack on a windshield doesn't necessarily mean it's time for a full replacement.

  • What To Look For In Smart Windows

    15 January 2016

    Many new windows are equipped with cutting edge technologies that allow for remote control. Smart windows are only going to become more and more popular. They are also bound to get cheaper and better over the years. Many of their features are simply flashy, but you might hardly ever use them. However, there are many smart features that will hugely improve your windows and make them easier to use. This article will explains a few features that you should look for if you are considering investing in smart windows in your home.

  • Four Energy Efficient Window Improvements To Have Save Energy Without Replacement

    14 January 2016

    If you want your home to be more energy efficient, there are many improvements that you can invest in. Some of these improvements, such as window replacements, can be quite costly. The windows in your home can also be more energy efficient with a few more affordable improvements. Here are some affordable window improvements that you may want to consider to make your home more energy efficient: 1. Caulking, Painting And Adding Insulation To The Windows